What kind of amplifier

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HI guys . What kind of amplifier is in the active studio monitors. Chip amps ? Like KRK and Mackie Yorkville. I dont want to take mine apart and look as i am actually trying to sell them. Here is a picture of the back of mine. I really want to know what it is in there.

All the little writing back there says is

1" neo soft dome tweeter with ferrofluid
8" glass aramid composite cone woofer
140 watt bi-amp w/24db oct. filters
Optomized directivity wave guide
Magnetically shielded
Freq. Rsponse 45Hz to 20 Khz

I know that has nothing to do with the amp but i still havent bought a camera :p so just thought i would add that.

Designed and engineered in the USA ... Made in the USA


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how much are those to build ? I dont think its all that big in there. The majority of the electronis are to settle and control the frequency response what have you. There appears to be a 3 x 5 inch area thats just the inputs / tweeter attenuator and gain pot.

By the way to correct the start of this thread its made in CHina not USA Designed in USA
Sold them. Today. 575 dollars so i could not say no. I really needed the money ? My dog made me.

I cant come up with anymore excuse so ill just apologize. I got an e-mail while i was still contemplating opening them up, and poof they were gone in an hour. So alas, i can provide no pictures. I had no idea I could get so much back for them from the store i purchased them at. Now i can once again afford baloney and cheese sandwiches. :bigeyes:
Re: And after that produce a pretty photo of the inside and publish here, we will lov

destroyer X said:
To enjoy all of us...hummmm 4 pictures....or five!



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