what is the best 47uf 400v-450v capacitor

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Does not matter.
Chokes are best power reservoirs for analog applications.
Foil caps comes second.

For low voltage hi current SS applications chokes and foil caps are unpractical but Black Gates (Elna, Nichicon) do the job well. Low power SS applications mean low current might be treated somewhat similar however not as efficient as hi voltage low current of course.

BTW foil caps and chokes make sense for DC circuits right before analog active components.

Placing them in switching part will cause more efficient RF noise.
Listen :D
I finished the improvement of audio circuit DENON DVD 3910
And came out perfect

Now this second phase of the overall projectl
i planning
To replace the diodes
In the diode bridge to QSPEED diode

I need the best possible capacitor comes after bridge diodes
47UF 400V
Unless you know exactly what you're doing (and are confident that you understand the engineering better than the guy who designed the supply), leave it alone. Switching supplies are very tricky and naive mistakes (like replacing parts willy-nilly) can easily cause explosions.
I do not change the values ​​of the parts
I just replace them with more efficient parts
I just want to treat AC TO DC
Four diodes
Bridge diodes
And capacitor after the bridge

i need cap 47uf 400v
With low ESR
And temperature resistance of 105 C
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