What is "Pass Labs"

Hello Bobby - and Welcome to diyAudio!!!! :D:D:D

The "Pass Labs" forum is for fans and followers that wish to build clones of Mr. Pass's various audio gear - mostly pre-amps and amplifiers. Nelson has been building and designing amps for a great many years and started Threshold Electronics, and later on Pass Labs and First Watt. His design philosophies are highly respected by many in the high level audio world and he shares his designs with us here at diyAudio. :D:D:D

Annnnnnnnd BTW- there are also a number of electronic and speaker designers that share their knowledge with us here.

Me? - I don't know nutt'n - so only believe about 10% of what I say. :crazy:
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Who is Nelson? :rofl:

When I knew him he was still just Nelson. That was before ESS - Threshold - Pass Labs. He was still working his way through getting his degree at the local university and I worked for him fixing audio gear at one of the HiFi dealers. He got away from my influence and went off and did something useful with his life. Me - I spent the next 25 years working for the government.

Hind sight - it's a wonderful thing. :rolleyes:

It also explains one of the reasons (there are several others) why my sig line states "Next time I will know some things better"........
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2007-04-13 12:15 am
Pass Labs and Nelson Pass are essentially the same thing. One being a high end audio manufacturer and the other and individual who has brought this community many, many truly nice toys to build. It will be hard to find another designer with as much food on the table who is willing to share as Nelson Pass has.
You having come to this site must have a yearning for DIY audio. If so you may also be interested in the First Watt site and the Pass DIY site -- Google them. Both have really nice projects to get your appetite for audio going. The Pass diy site is nicely arranged so you can progress to bigger and better things as you learn.

I hope you have set aside a few dollars --- this place is addictive Tad
Maybe one nice thing to do bit more involved than readindg and Goglin

Find a dealer with one of Papa babyes on show and go and listen to it.

PS pretend you have a lot of money in your pockets.

Nothing beter than listening to one to became adicted.


Listening to Nelson's commercial offerings is an excellent way to sample what is possible to build for the diy'er.

I have had, and continue to have, the utmost respect for Nelson Pass, going back to the Audio Amateur days. His willingness to share his great designs and then to follow up with on-line support for building his designs is, AFAIK, unique in the Audio World.

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2010-04-24 1:52 am
Here's Nelson Pass' entry in "The Absolute Authority On Everything," Wikipedia:
Nelson Pass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I first came across the Nelson Pass name as an author of Audio Amateur amplifier articles from decades ago. I haven't posted that I can recall in a lot of these forums, but when I first started lurking on DIYaudio I was (and still am) very pleased to see that Mr. Pass and other professionals known in the audio field participate here.
what is pass labs???

for me everything in diy......quality ,knowledge, he is the man with treasure who share it with us......pass connecting people with pcb and solder.......if you have a little experience with solder lets get start with one of his project like f5 when you finish and you listen it you will transfer your mind to another dimension.....thank you pass for all you done for us!!!!