What is happening in phl audio?

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I think they mainly sell direct to manufactures. But you could try them yourself & see what they say ;) They should also be able to give you names etc of dealers nearer you !

Sales & Marketing
For product purchases and pre-sales technical information

[ Contact us... ] Welcome on PHL audio web site

They still havn't updated their www since 2001 :D See my screenie !

Drivers are available though via dealers, here's just a few quick examples

Downloads - SideSound

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Hi Mal
Long time no see sort to speak.....Anyway hope all is good with you.

I have tried Pat some time back and he was telling me that he is not ordering anymore 18' drivers for some reason.
I have also heard that stone studio don't ordering PHL anymore as well
So that is it for me in AU.
I will try Pat again maybe he is getting some now?

I have tried some Us dealers and got same reply they can not supply or order
PHl 18'Drivers not sure what is the reason.Friend of mine ordered some small
6.5" mid/bass from US and apparently it have been months without any feedback.....

Anyway I have sold the 7010 and really want the 7030 to complete my set,
I have tried some other drivers but without any luck.Don't want to tried others anymore just want the 7030

Take care Jiri
Hi Jiri
Long time ,I've kept up to date with your website . Not happy with the JBL's ,I'm looking at running a pair of 15" per channel with Paul Spencers Synergy horn . Still haven't got my project up and running just adding to it ,almost finished a pair of tapped horns for the 20hz to 40hz .

I know where a pair of 18"s are in Bathurst ;):D .

Keep well mate :)

HI Mal
You are right I’m not that impress with the JBL good driver but simply does not have the punch as the PHL’s possess. PHL's are just incredible drivers including different sizes and applications.
I’m using AT 8” at this moment and have to say there are really good as well
Obviously different sound to phl’s but I’m quiet impress.
Let us know when you finish yours I’m still up for audition
PS: 7030 in Bathurst I have a idea where they might be not sure that they are for sale though :mad:
I ordered a pair of 4550-woofers (not in stock) through Achenbach (Germany). Haven't received them yet, but according to Dieter, they're on their way.

PHL - LSV Dieter Achenbach
Just a quick update: Received my PHL woofers today. Or more correctly: A newer version (4551) than shown on PHLs website - which isn't a problem for me.

Story short: Happy to deal with Dieter Achenbach. Answered e-mails promtly. :) The PHL website seems not to be quite up to date, so it's probably wise to ask the dealers for additional info.
Hi Guys
I was wondering if anyone would know what is happening at
PHL audio.
I’m trying to get some drivers but without any luck. All the main Distributor/dealers seams to not deal with PHL and cannot order any drivers.

Any info appreciated

Think that the financial chrisis has killed off many snake oil manufacturers and there has been clarity of what sells and does not sell. My concerns were and still are that when we use expensive drivers where as Zapp says they are not value for money, we cannot sustain our hobby easily. Many supplier websites have gone or sites not updated since 2007/8

As there are now fantastic aerospace materials that will enhance 24 96 especially FLAC driver units will have a renaissance. Beryllium domes is only the start. When you get to state of art with cheap drivers used effectively you can listen to the music until Graphene etc take the new steps into perfect reproduction. Istarted with ELS57 and still have them 44 years later as an old reference standard.

I shall stop making speakers until there is something wow better. SEAS are doing it right - good cheaper drivers and expensive ones for those with unlimited funds. Performance wise they may allow louder playing but that can be tiresome.
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