What is best box alignment for B&C 10FW64 10

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Hi Guys,
I've got a pair of these, as a noob in speaker building I would appreciate your guidance in building a box to get the best out of these woofers for a 2 way system. Specs given :

Fs 63 Hz
Re 5.0 Ω
Qes 0.25
Qms 3.4
Qts 0.23
27.0 dm3 (0.95
320.0 cm2 (50.0
η₀ 2.6 %
Xmax 5.0 mm
Xvar 5.5 mm
Mms 34 g
Bl 16.4

Thanks in advance


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'Best' depends on the needs of the app. One 'best' vented alignment is that the pioneers determined that the best trade-off between size, power handling, bandwidth is Vas/1.44 tuned to Fs.

Considering these driver's specs, not a bad alignment to start with if near/at a wall or corner.

Anyway, if you plug the pertinent specs into this calculator it will plot a basic max flat response that many folks build to give you an idea of how it will perform outside in a large flat field, but will be modified by the room's acoustics in ways hard to accurately predict. up against a wall or in a corner it might sound a bit 'boomy': HiFi Loudspeaker Design


Dia :
cm Diameter across the speaker cone including half of the cone-suspension
fs :
Hz Resonant frequency of the driver
Qms :
Q mechanical - needed to calculate Qts
Qes :
Q electrical - needed to calculate Qts
Qts :
Total Q of the driver
Vas :
liters Equivalent volume of compliance


You can change Enclosure Volume and the TSP Parameter

Move the mouse over the Plot Line and you will see the Frequency and dB values at that position.
You can zoom in by selecting a range with the mouse.
Vb =
liters Calculated Enclosure Volume
( You may change Vb, just change Vb without using the calulate button! )
Fb =
Hz Port alignment frequency
F-3 =
Hz 3dB Down Point


1 Port
Diameter of port(s) Dp =
Number of port(s) =
Port mounted =
Port area =
Port length(s) =

Can't copy the response chart......... did you input it like I did?
Once you know the volume does the shape matter? can it be taller or narrower or deeper as long as the volume is the same?

can you put a w18 driver in a 6.5" interior width cabinet without ill effect? little or no clearance to the side panels.

can you double or triple the baffle thickness without affecting the sound?
It can.


It's a good plan to make the baffle insides [i.d.] at least 1.5x the driver's effective diameter on each side, so if the driver's effective piston area [Sd] = 320 cm^2, then [320*4/pi]^0.5 = ~20.185 cm eff. dia.

~20.185 cm + [2 x [~20.185 cm/1.5]] = ~47.1 cm [i.d.]

That said, I just do driver dia. [~25.4 cm in this case] x 2 = 50.8 cm to ensure I have an adequate gap.

If space is tight, then recommend loosely covering the driver with cheesecloth or similar and add however much stuffing is required all around it just short of audibly 'muffling' it. Often this is all that's required in smaller cabs.

A more rigid/massive baffle sometimes adds beneficial damping of the driver. Also, it's necessary to chamfer the cutout [flare out the backside] at >45 deg. to ensure there's no 'choking' or major reflections back through the diaphragm.

I build a pair of small thors but the mag drivers corroded. instead of going though that again I purchased some Nextel drivers to replace and Chris at Solen.ca, who by the way was really great to work with, sent along plans for a small cabinet using the same xover with mods and the millennium tweeter. The smaller box would fit the room better and if it would work I would like to build slim towers using the components. that is why I asked about the volume and cabinet shape. I am using the thor cabinets and working on getting that correct but I have some great ropey cherry Baltic birch ply that is just sitting in my shop. When I built the thors I had some pretty poor tools. I have better tools now. So instead of rebuilding the Thors which I never took out of the listening room long enough to actually finish. Smaller speaker would be better. attached are the plans. would be an mtm but may build a tm as the driver sensitivity matches up better as a tm


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