What is a VDO Dayton HPS12?


2005-06-27 12:03 pm
Visually the VDO Dayton HPS12 looks just like a Peerless XLS12. It even carries a part number of 830607, which could easily be a Peerless part number. It is even labeled as being made in Denmark.

I had a search both here and on the wider web. I could find little discussion about it, but the manual was available at VDO Dayton's website. Specs are Fs:38.8, Qts:0.54, Vas:38.8, Pe:400 with full specs in the manual.

Can anyone confirm that this driver is made by Peerless? Apart from the high Fs, on paper it looks so much like one of the XLS12 series. Can anyone contribute a little history, or subjective comments on success or failure in a HT role?