What is a ESP P3A worth?

Hello all,

I am just curious ... I have finished an ESP 88-based preamp and am building a single board, 90 w/ch P3A amp. I haven't had the pleasure of auditioning many high-end amps, so I don't have a feel for where the P3a stands in the great scheme of things.

Assuming a P3A is well-built with quality (but not outrageous "boutique") parts, what sort of commercial offerings would it compete with, and what would be the price range?

Thanks all!


2002-04-28 2:11 pm
I have compared the P3A with various stock commercial units, and it can rival amps costing around $400-600.

Since I have low impedance, relatively inefficient speakers (4 ohm, 86dB with 1W @ 1m), I was able to add an extra set of output devices, and a large heatsink / active cooling arrangement. With this load my P3A runs much cooler than my Dad's Arcam Alpha 6 amp - which has a similar power rating and a large power supply, but a much lighter duty output stage / heatsinking arrangement. When you build it yourself you can afford to tailor the amp to your needs!

I say go for it, you won't be disappointed