What input capacitor to choose for Phono preamp.


2013-03-02 11:36 am
I am fixing yet another old Latvian REMR phono preamp УП32. It sounds wonderful so I got another one to replace my set in second room. It takes the input through high pass filter - 5uF el. cap originally and 470R. All the existing caps are terribly off or dead, so the main task is to replace these. On the first one I use on input 4.7uF K73-16 PETP caps - rather big size though. While this works well I do not have space for these in my second setup - I need to fit everything in original case. All the other caps I have Wima's and good Nichicon lyth's. Only these I need to get new. I think this is the most sensitive signal pass quality wise. So what type and make would you recommend.
All suggestions to tweak this pre are welcome. I run it off 12V lead battery and there is no noise but plenty of power.
Here is the schematics:


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If PETP capacitors are ok soundwise, I would recommend WIMA MKS low voltage type capacitors. These are available with very small footprint (raster 5mm) with a 40V/63V rating. They are available up to 4.7 µF (sometimes you can even find 10 µF). These caps have a polyester Foil similar to PETP capacitors and are often even smaller than old electrolytics.