What happens with an output choke on a SMPS

I am trying to find an easy way to improve a computer SMPS.

Can someone tell me what happens when a high current choke is placed on the putput of an ATX supply? I want to start with the P4/12 volts to the CPU and go to the remaining ralis if that seems to work.

I have a couple of HAMMOND 100mH 5 amp (0.64 ohms) chokes and wonder if they would assist in getting rid of high frequency hash, etc without bringing on some new complication which turns out to be worse than without.

Any help would be appreciated since I readily admit I have no idea how the things work.

Your power supply already has those chokes inside. Adding an extra one will only drop voltage which your computer may not like. If you're concerned about ripple and noise, maybe you need to spend some $$$ on a half-decent power supply.

I lost two rare server boards to a crap power supply a few years ago. A friend just brought me a mobo that i deemed "unfixable" (no Vcore going to the CPU, no gate drive to the CPU area mosfets, most likely the PWM IC controlling the CPU power is shot), due to a similar power supply incident. I will not repeat my mistake with PSUs... I wish that you don't make this mistake either.
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