What happened to Brian Gt?

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Reading on this furum I got very enthousiast to buildi an Aleph mini A.
I tried to contact Brian about purchasing the pcb's but he is not replying e-mail.
Is there anybody who knows why?
Is he on a holliday?
Is there any other adres where I can order the 'Briangt like'

Greatings Johan
Thanks for all the reply's!

This morning I tried to contact the website of brian ( chipamp.com)
and noticed it was out of order.
A few minutes ago i tried again and now the alpeph mini a pcb are out of stock!

Luckely two persons can help me out.
Wdavis009 can you please contact me about the pcb?
Do you have the 'new'ones as shown on his website?
I can not send a pm to you beacause I am nwe on this forum.

Bruce tahnks for the offer. I wil first try to get the pcb from wdavis beacuase i think that is the easiest way.
I just red my former posts; sorry for my English, I am trying to do my best.
Typing is my other problem...

I am sorry but i can not send pm to anybody because i am new on this forum. To send pm's you must be a more frequent user of this forum.

To wdavis: are you willing to send the pcbs to The Netherlands?
You can contact me at : atala at planet.nl. ( replace at by @)

Greetings Jo
Old thread, I know. Seeing as he hasn't been active on this forum since september of last year (2010) and I've shot him multiple e-mails to the address listed on his website (chipamp.com) with zero response. Is it safe to say Chipamp and/or Brian GT aren't up and running anymore? I know about Audio Sector, but are there any other kit based gainclones available at or around the same price these guys were offering it for?
4 months ago is right around the time he became inactive here. Check his last login date. Sept. 2010. Hopefully all is well for him. I'm not familiar with Wensan or Nelson. I'm actually relatively new, this is my 3rd post. I'm more of a lurker than anything. Hopefully I'll be contributing more as I'm starting a few projects I've been holding off on. The massinve amount of information found on this site has me spinning my wheels on which direction to go. :)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.