What happen to my sub!

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My old sub-woofer were full of dust and I use Wax to clean it up, after cleaning and let it dry, turn on my player, the subs just sound bad in high volume, it sound like the cone of the sub turn soft and want to break. But when I use my finger knock on it, it is still normal.

question is
1, what happen to my sub!
2, can wax use on sub?
3, if cannot or will spoil it, is there anywhere to fix it?
:whazzat: Don't get your subwoofer cone wet.:headshot: I think you killed the subwoofer. :crying: Time to cry ovet the dead subwoofer. :$: :$: :$: This is going to cost money. :headbash: Bad idea to try to clean the sub cone with wax. Vacuuming with a soft brush would have been a better thing to do.:RIP: I don't think there is anything you can do to save the subwoofer.


I don't know what you used to try and clean the subwoofer but most of the spray cleaner/waxes I know of soak into wood or paper. There is some kind of oil in them to add shine and it never dries totaly. My guess is that the stiffness of that driver will never be the same. Oh, maybe a couple of years from now it may get close but that's a long time to wait. If it's a plastic cone driver the oil in the spray can damage the plastic and drying will not help.

maybe you could spray it with alcohol in order to try to disolve some of th oils and evaporate it away?

The problem you are going to run inot is that citrus oils tend to disolve adhesives. A lot of furniture waxes have citrus in them. Personally I would attempt to heat it first. Maybe your oven has a warm setting you could leave the driver in the oven with it set to warm and the top slightly open and let it dry that way for a few hours. I would not try the direct sunlight, sunlight does all sorts of bad things to materials. Make sure to have the driver facing stright up in order to hopefully not casue voice coil alignment issues.
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The ultra-violet from the sun is pretty bad for rubber, foam or otherwise. If you decide to dry it in the sun, cover the surrounds to protect them from the rays.

Also, you have to be very careful with solvents because you’ll loosen the glue holding the surrounds to the cone. You might want to check that you haven’t already done this with the original cleaning attempt.

Good Luck.
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Thanks for your help,

I haven't get it fix but it is almost.

1, I put it under the hot sun with newspaper cover on the sub's rubber place. Termometer beside the sub.

2, I let the sub under the sun about 7 hours, termometer went all the way up, the max number only got 50'C and it is above it.

3, After trying to dry the oil, nothing happen, still the same, still got cracking sound.

4, I found out the cone was ofter then before. Then I search for somthing that can make the cone hard.

5, Found 1, maybe is the hope in front of my eyes.

6, And it is Starch, ahuh, starch that use on clothes.

7, first sub for experiment, spray on it, dry, spary, dry, spray again, dry. the sub cone get harder.

8, wire attach, then switch on for a test. The sound got no cracking at low volume, high volume start to crack, not sure is it cracking sound or not cause without box the sub shake like hell..

9, Spary and dry it again, then spray it, let it dry self......

10, still in process give my answer soon.

Time for a reality check.
You should consider that driver an experiment now and give up hope that it's going to ever be like new again.

No matter what you do it's never going to be the same as it was.
Just replace it and learn from the experience.

There is only so much chemical abuse the cone is going to absorb before it just gives up and turns to dust or self-ignites due to the numerous compounds you've applied to it now.

And we won't even talk about the surround...
don't say it like that, just got it fixed.
The sub's cone turn harder then ever, and the woofer is too small to blow, make some noise. But the bass is more stable and powerful. It can shake the floor in low volume.

Maybe from my experiment can help others who also use wax or somthing that can soften the sub's cone.
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