what glues and resins do you use? pros and cons for purposes?

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Like the title ask, I am working on my first rebuilds and repairs and I'm not sure about the glue that came with the new surrounds. and I'm pretty sure I want a harder resin glue for the redone spider . I got my foam from Ebay and the white glue that came with them smells like pva, white school glue. but is not documented. I just glued a scrap up to see what properties it has but these first repairs are practice for my more expensive and critical rebuilds. and if this glue is sensitive to humidity or has flex it might not be good enough. I am really not sure what all of the considerations are. I have seen some epoxies used and other thick rubbery stuff. I'm seeing that the previous person I had recone my JBL E -118 and M12-8 used way more glue than required making the assembly far more massive than the original, which of 4 I have lugged around since 1985 had its original cone. I am very lucky to have found a set of 4 factory recone kits and want to hear these fantastic mid base / full range speakers again, they were never the same after he reconed them and I see much of why now that I have torn down the frames after they have spent the last 24 years in my attic awaiting rebirth. he did not use OEM parts, and worse they were not even a crappy clone, they are completely different with aluminium forms and round wire and 3x as heavy. so to the point of this thread Epoxies? Contact cement, Elmer's please share with me. What you use for what and why or why wouldn't you want to use it. IG working time flexibility hardness weight appearance price availability.

Sorry for such an open ended inquiry, I searched for some terms were 8 thought I might find mention in old threads but the only thing I found was the epoxies distinctions made in the construction of DIY coils.

So can we just talk about adhesive here and what works for you. from coils to foam to cabinets what makes it stick?
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Here is my partial line up of repairs.


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Does it soften with humidity? Humidity is a Major issue here 3 miles inland in central Florida were every metal corrodes and anything that can absorb water does it to the limit. even inside your close garage without year round climate control.

Found someone talking about cellulose glue and that sounds like something I need to put in my bag of tricks, for some special applications. what I thought was PVA is apparently latex, and I picked up some weildwood contact, I have experience with it on counter tops , should work good with excellent preparation.
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