What extra speakers to buy?

Hello all,

I am new in the audio world and have a question.

I have a Sony STR-DE315 amp and a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 6R speakers.

I wanted to expand the system that I have now by buying two extra speakers to place at the left and right side of me (the other two are in the front)

The maximum amount that I'm willing to spend is 50 euro, I don't mind 2nd hand speakers.

The onces that I have now are pretty rare and hard to get, which onces should I buy instead??

Thanks in advanced.


P.S. I have standard cheap cables running from the amp to the speakers, would it make a difference in sound if I would buy more expensive onces for say 20 euro?
Hi Ilia,

Welcome to the forums. Are you using this for home theatre?

Are you planning to build something yourself?

That's what the people here are able to help you with. We are a group of do-it-yourself-ers.

Also, the cables you buy are far less important than the speakers themselves. 20 Euro is not a lot to spend on cables but considering you only want to spend 50 on speakers...

Thanks for your reply.

My sound system is ment to go with my (diy) projector.
I don't want to build my own speakers because it will take a long time and I don't want to spend any time on it.

I just want your advice on which speakers to buy to use for dobly suround to go with my wharfedale's.