what else to tweak when im inside cabinet


2010-07-13 1:38 pm
I plan to replace crossover cap inside martin logan speakers so wondering whatvelse i can tweak when i have the back off.

Mid/low range speaker is inside a non ported cabinet (infinite baffle?) and ive come across a post that talks about lining the cabinet with sound absorbing foam. Worth doing?

PS i wont be messing with the HV circuitry.


2013-05-10 4:11 pm
:) Well, I think you should have tried Mundorf MKP caps at least, but whatever.

Most foam is inefective. Feel the cabinet while playing music to see if you find areas of particular problems. As far as reducing cabinet vibrations, I suggest the Sonic Barrier line. The multi-layer in particular is very good for reducing these cabinet vibrations.

No, not infinite baffle. :) Infinite baffle refers to the idea of a wall, open on both sides to the universe. Acoustic suspension is what you have, meaning the inside of the cabinet is part of the spring/mass system of the driver's behavior. Changing the damping inside can affect this. The thicker Sonic Barrier can increase the apparent volume, therefore changing the spring/mass equations but only by a little bit.

Do not bother with the shingle like materials, they are completely ineffective. They do work for things like PC panels though.