What electronics to pick?

It depends on the size of the 'powerbank' that you have or want .
The speaker I guess Is rather un-sensitive, in the low 70dB range, so 2-3W for the amplifier. I have a 24V-6AH battery that I intend to use for some mobile applications, and I see amplifiers classified as being 30W with 8-26V supply. But maybe I'll use it as a big powerbank tò charge the phone :)
Eh... Why 2-3 W Power I suggest?!
I dunno!
Better more!
Even drivers...why not use a stereo amp and use a woofer in a FAST configuration?
Eh ...size?
And...BT should be mono by selection, as I guess It Is transmi(coded)tted in 2 channels, right?
Or probably...
Well, why you wanna do such a thing? Isn't It something you can find in the Chips?!?:)
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It is best to buy a bluetooth amplifier board with built-in 18650 battery holder and charger circuit, so you only need to connect the driver and then the electronic part of the speaker is basically done - you don't have to source a separate battery holder and charger board. As example, the board with ASIN number B08CRG7B71 or B08MXBRR9V on EU Amazon stores is fit for the purpose, it is very small so it matches well with one or two 1'' drivers. What is the volume you plan for the speaker case? Is it a reflex configuration?
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