what driver should i choose? the F15 or F18 from lii audio

hello everyone i want to do a fun and easy project an open baffle speaker, the first Diy project in my life, i saw the lii audio f15 and f18 and they amazed me by the dimension, my question is what driver should i take? the 15 or 18? my concern is that the 18 will be much bigger with the baffle created, is there a better driver between the 2? help me pick one, thanks!!

i am more oriented to the 15 as i read that is a little more equlibrate, and will not need an huge baffle
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There are two 15" full range drivers made by Lii audio https://www.lii-audio.com/product/r...loudspeaker-with-tube-amplifier-f-15-in-pair/ and https://it.aliexpress.com/item/1005...sceneId":"3482","sku_id":"12000026081710658"} Notice one has magnet cover and one does not. They both have extremely light cones for a 15" 13.5 grams and 18.5 grams a 2-3 watt amp is recommended the speakers cannot handle higher wattage. Fane makes a 15" tri cone full range https://www.fane-international.com/view-product/SOVEREIGN-15-300TC#tab-5 that may interest you and it will handle a lot of solid state watts unlike the Lii audio 15'

If this is your first DIY build I would recommend something like this https://www.diyaudio.com/community/threads/fast-fun-inexpensive-ob-project.110583/ You don't want to be disappointed with your first build. I would also recommend listening to some open baffle speakers before you build your own you may or may not like them.

My opinion for a first time DIY is build something that is already proven and sounds good. Good luck !!!!
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My first open baffle speakers (indeed, my first speaker build) was F-18 as open baffle. I absolutely love them, and they are beautiful with my 35 watts per channel Dynaco ST-70 KT77 PP tube amp. Actually, the F-18s were slow to come from China and Lii-Audio kindly sent me a pair of F-6 speakers while I waited (free of any cost to me!). So before my F-18s arrived, I mounted the F6s on a 1" timber board 24" wide by 36" high, with hinge-out back "wings" which double as prop stands. These F6 OB speakers are fantastic and measure up well - see below.

The F-18s are completed now - on 35mm thick timber.

I've also made the Manazitas that Sean C recommends - these are possibly technically better speakers but the volume they put out is much less than the F-6s and very much less than the F-18s and I prefer jazz and blues from the ST-70 through my F-6s or F-18s. I use an Aiyima A08 to drive the Manazitas.

I recommend the F-18s but I think if I had my time again, I could easily go with the F-15s. The F-18s are very spectacular and impressive (ie, huge) and that is why I chose them. They certainly deliver! If you have not seen it yet, this guy built both F-15 and F-18 open baffle and compares them: http://www.glowinthedarkaudio.com/speakers.html

Anyway, have fun and good luck with your first DIY project - I'm sure there will be many more!



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What a coincidence: this is my first open baffle experience and I decided to go for the F-18. Size of baffle 120x70cm and wings add another 30cm per side. Amplification is a Sabaj A20a and I am totally thrilled by the transparency and size of soundstage of this design. As I also do not find it shouty it is an extremely worthwhile "experiment" - so enjoy!
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I don't agree. OB's are not difficult and if you have a good FR driver the EQ is also not so difficult, and you may recall that I did the analog version of the LXmini and subsequent 3 way for SL, bless his soul.

It just takes some effort adjusting stuff until you are happy with it. I have a cheap new kit for the store that will help with that.

I like my f15s... Mine are asymmetrically mounted on the baffle, while the 18" "helpers" are symmetrically mounted. I've noticed they got sunshine damage on the backs of the cone; each speaker located near a southerly facing window. Something those cabinet makers dont have to worry about. I made curtains! Not for the windows...
I would like to build open baffles with Lii Audio f18-s too . Would be very grateful if you can give me an advice on the size of the baffles - I can see that Simons design is based on Betsy shape and without wings , and others 70x120 cm size with the wings . any feedbacks or more photos with finished baffles . would appreciate any help guys . Thank you . Val