what does the response curve of a bass guitar speaker cab look like?

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Im designing myself a new cabinet for my bass guitar using 2 10's
im modelling the response in winisd, but im not really sure if i want a flat response or boosted low end or what... im not sure wha a good sounding cab response would look like..

anyone have any input?
yes i dont plan on going too low..

i was more interested in whether they design teh cab to give gain at certain frequencies which gives bass guitar cabs their certain punch..

easy you say, boost at 100Hz..
-this is my train of thought so far, but would like to know of any specfic knowledge of bass guitar cab freq response for best results..
I agree, don't go for sound effects in the speaker, because they will be there all the time then. You can EQ whatever little boosts you want in the preamp.

And keep this fundamental idea in mind - your bass cab is for PROducing sound, not REPROducing sound.
I use a Peavey TNT130 with a single 15". I recently changed the standard 15" to a £135 Black Widow and couldn't tell the difference.

I've also used 2X12", 4X12" and 4X10" cabs with different results but not THAT different. My "play slap in a day" DVD tells me to use a cab with a tweeter, and use a graphic with a smiley profile.

I have to derive from this that, just like your instrument, its more about your preference than being a'droit.

Or it doesn't matter!
trb4 said:
Sorry Mr Optical, i have a little question. How do you choose your speaker for bass guitar? Which thiele small parameters are critical for this type of use?
Thanks for your answer.
Best regard.

very untechnically - i looked at commonly used drivers such as the black widow and eminence brand ones and looked for similar specs to those..
I have wondered this myself. i think some cabs are designed to have a sound, while others are designed to be flat....design choice i guess. flavored or unflavord.

Most 10"s dont go dont go down very low, you will be lucky to get down to 70hz in a sealed box with "most" speakers designed for bass guitar. I was looking for a light weight, 10" driver that would get down to 40hz and had a hard time finding anything. and if they do go down low, they wont play loud!

I ended up using an Emenance Delta Lite and it sounds pretty good. very bright, but with some eq, it plays very loud and gets the job done.

Heck most PRO 15 or 18" woofers dont get down let alone below 40HZ anyway.

Don't try to boost the low end response. You'll end up with a cab that sounds like it's in the other room, kinda boxed in. You'll lose definition. Bass cabs are more flat than guitar cabs. The eminence legend B102 is really popular for bass cabs. I don't think u need a tweeter, but the drivers should reach 5kHz or so before dropping off.
Getting the low end to reach far down is the hard part. Most cabs roll off around 60Hz while we all would like to reach 30 before attenuation. I guess a 12" or even 15" will be better at that, but u'll lose the highs. Maybe a mix? One 10" and one 15"?
I'm playing with the idea of making a horn loaded basscab, but all those folds...
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