What do you recommend for first DIY?

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Hi all,

I'm very new to the diy scene, and even audio in general. I've been hunting around, and I think I'd like to do some sort of project, where everything is included, and you just need to build the box and put the stuff in.

Classical music is my favorite, and jazz places at a fairly close second. I think for this reason, bass isn't so much of an issue, so I was leaning towards a sealed-enclosure type system (To promote a tight, clear sound). Would this be correct?

Hmmm - other things...I'm on a budget of about $200 all said and done, I'd like to build the case myself (I'll get some 1.25MDF from the hardware store), and the amp will have a max power of 100 watts at 8 ohm (With .08 THD). I think that for all these things, something like the Zalytron German 2 interests me. Do you have any projects that you've particularly liked?

Ryan :)
Hmmmm...that looks like a great speaker, and I know exactly where it would go, but the construction details look slightly spartan, don't they?

I'm not sure that's something I'm ready for, unless there's some page I happened to miss, or something... (Or there's a way I can get the details somehow)

The plans my seam sparten because there is not much too them. Try clicking on the drawings to get the full view. Also I did not make mine with the suggested woofer attatchment. I like to be able to take them out if I have to.

If you do make them, feel free to email me if you get into trouble. The sound is worth it when they are finished.

PS. only make them if you can locate them well away from walls. They will not work up against the rear wall. My listening room is 16 feet wide ans they are placed 5 feet from the rear wall and 4 feet from the side walls.

Are you sure that's something a complete Neophyte could handle? I was thinking more along the lines of a kit, as I'm not comfortable (Yet) with XO work.

The room is not an issue; it's 25x29ft. The couch is in the approximate middle of the room, and I was thinking that the speakers could go on either side of the couch. Perhaps that's not what is looked for acoustically, however.

I don't know - It looks like a wonderful project, but I'm not sure that it isn't a larger bite than I'm ready to chew...Especially with the XO part. I mean, I would like to be more comfortable with the relatively easy stuff (Standard type cabinets - something this is not), and that sort of thing. BTW, this isn't a standard cabinet, either. It talks of some weird stuff which I don't quite understand...

Perhaps a little more basic? (The TLBs are in my favorite folder - maybe for another day?)

Thanks for replying readily and offering services, Oz!
Audax A651

Audax made a kit a while back (2 years?) for a nice, simple front ported 2 way using a basic tweeter and a 6.5" woofer. They shipped you the drivers, crossover components, and schematics. This was the first and only speaker I've built and I'm still enjoying it. Cost about $180 total, including enclosure materials purchased from home depot. Stands cost me extra.

the project used a fourth order crossover that I totally didnt understand the workings of. Loudspeaker design cookbook has some references to crossover models, I'd recommend it as very good reading for anyone doing their own speakers.

First Post ! Nice to meet everyone !
"Bass isn't needed?" Well, not big, heavy, huge bass, but live, natural, uber bass. YES! The 901s! uhhh....Ok...DIY? Yeah, I know. Here's what I built, a single-full range speaker, using the Fostex FE103 (Radioshack 4" full-range), and a voigt-pipe like cabinet. This is where my inspiration came from. Now, with a problem of getting wood I needed less height so, I changed a few of the equations that the pipe uses and voila! I have the most natural bass that is created..naturally. I think that Jazz and blues sound the best on my pipes and Classical sounds a very near second.

Yes you got the crossover correct, all speakers are wired in series (1/2 the nominal impedance with a 3dB gain). The woffers are direct wired with no filter so they run full range and the tweeter has only the 1 cap. This works very well in this design and very simple to construct and change if need be.

The cap I use is a Crescendo 10uf from North Creek Music. I will try there suggestion of bypassing caps in the future. Bypassing is using higher voltage, smaller unit caps to make up the correct value. In this case, I could use the 10uf and add a 800v 0.1uf or use a 6uf, 3uf and a 1uf. Check out their web site, interesting reading.

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