What do you guys think?

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How about a couple of Peavey pr10s as a stereo pair for a small garage/shop? Will have to mount them to a wall as floor space is taken up with machine tools, etc. they would be mounted over my head, maybe hang them upside down so tweeters are closer to ear level?? Been looking at a pro audio solution since the other day when I was at a radio shack getting a switch. They had one of their pa speakers playing outside the store. Not too bad. The Pr10s are about as large as i have room for so may need a sub as well?? Anyway, looking for opinions more knowledgeable than mine, so thanks for any input fellas. Regards, J.D.
I'm using Peavey SP2-XT in my living room, a predecessor model. Over your head is the right place, Peavey PA speakers project down. In this flyover state, the Peavey SP2-g (2001 or later) is the best speaker I've ever heard. I'm using about 1 to 2 watts of a 300 w rated speaker. Fortunately, the distortion charts show the SP2-G distorts less at room levels than at PA levels.
I haven't heard the PR10, they weren't in stock a the store the day I listened to the SP5 and SP2. I thought the 5's were light on bass for grand piano. I thought the 2's were okay on GP bass notes, and still do without a subwoofer. I miss the 32' organ stops, but oh well. Most LP's had those frequencies cut out anyway before 1980 to eliminate needle hopping. I admit I had to get help putting the SP2-XT's on the poles (speaker stands) above the Steinway piano; they are 94 pounds. Too much for me to lift above my chest level. Can't take them out in the yard for Fourth of July cannon shots (1812 overture), either.
If Radio Shack speakers sound good, they have really changed. I was always amazed at how good the specs on RS were, and how bad they sounded. A RS headphone amp brochure let out the secret. Headphone specs were +- 3 db 20-20000 cyc/sec. (this was in the seventies before hertz were invented). That should sound good. Not. Production tolerance was +-20 db. So any piece of ***** would have met the production tolerance, and these headphones qualified as that waste product.
I use grand piano tracks to audition audio equipment, since I know what that is supposed to sound like. If it sounds like a good one, thumbs up. I check time alignment of bass to treble with the drum hits on ZZ Top Afterburner, Woke up with Wood track. If the bass drum goes pow and not boog (with decreasing frequency sweep) then the time alignment is okay. something to do if you install a subwoofer, many such home assembled systems are not time aligned.
To get more opinions you might edit your title to "What about PR10's in home" or something. I don't usually even click on generic titles like "what do you thing", many other people won't either. (go advanced to edit the title). (it is probably too late, you only get 30 minutes to edit here).
Have fun.
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If this is a garage/shop, then hopefully your guys are not sitting around critically listening to the music. It needs to sound reasonable, not be full concert fidelity. In other words, why would you need a subwoofer? Especially if floor space is a problem. So some small PA speakers should work just fine.

No need to mount them upside down, across the room where you are working the couple inches either way of the tweeter will not make a diference. If they are up high, angle them downwards to aim at the room.

I agree with Indianajo about the thread title. Always ask a specific question in the title. SOmeone titles a thread "I have a question", and I think to myself, so do I. The only reason I opened this thread was because it was in the PA section.

Unless your shop is REALLY laid back, no one is going to be cranking a socket wrench thinking "Gee the soundstaging is rather vague on the upper midrange. Now where did I put my 16mm socket?" It is background music...hopefully. I run a pro audio service facility. I have a cheap little technics stereo receiver runnign dumb little bookshelf speaks. It does just fine in this environment. And likewise, I don't think you will need anything fancy like graphic EQs or other signal proccessing. In fact, my crummy little receiver would probably sound pretty good through your speakers.

I was using a nice pair of JBL L-100 studio monitors for my home listening. I really like the speakers. But for space reasons, I replaced them with some small EV bookshelf types. Trying to recall the model number now, and I can't. At first I noted the lack of bottom end in the small 4-5" woofers compared to the 12" JBLs. But that quickly faded away from my perception. They sounded good for my casual listening. Point being, unless you are going for some ultra hifi experience, basic stuff works perfectly well.
Thanks fellas. Point taken about the header. Never thought of it. The shop is a 1 man machine shop, the only one i have to please is me. I'm not looking to do any real serious listening and have been going back and forth on several options. The pa speakers that i have heard have had some pretty good detail and dynamics. I think I'll order a pair. A bit over 300 from parts express and free shipping. Thought about going with some bookshelf units, but small speakers make small sound. Thanks Enzo, Jo. Appreciate the advice. Regards, J.D.
Just ordered a pair, supposed to be here next Friday. Tell you what i think after i get them set up and give them a listen or two. I almost went with the Impulse, but they (parts express) didn't have a pair in stock and i would get deliveries from different locations and different times. Don't think so. That said, the cabinets look to be the same with different drivers and probably XOs, so, if i feel the need for better drivers i can replace them with the impulse guts....I think. Thanks again for the input guys, appreciated.
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