What Do you call this Fiberoptic Gadget?

Hi All,

I have an old set of amplified Boston Acoustics 5.1 speakers that use a 3.5 mm headphone type connector for their digital input. They were made a little before fiberoptic audio cables became common. They still work fine, and I would like to convert them to using a fiberoptic cable instead of coax.

I'm hoping that I can buy a panel mounted fiberoptic audio cable connector that includes the components to convert the optical signal back to electrical digital audio.

I have a fair amount of experience building with and repairing electronics, but I know diddly-squat about digital fiberoptic audio.

Can anyone tell me if such a converter component thingy like this exists, what it's called, and where I might look for it?

Gracious thanks!

Scott C.

I'm not converting digital to analog, I'm modifying a digital coaxial cable input to be a digital fiberoptic input. Or trying to, anyway.

And before everyone sends me a link for the converter that I already bought (this one here... http://www.amazon.com/10TR-08300-Wholesales-Digital-Optical-Converter/dp/B000I98ZQY), I'll add that this converter a less than perfect solution... Or it is in my case. If the fiberoptic input (i.e. audio source) to the converter is turned off, the converter produces full amplitude white noise to the digital speaker system, quite happily, until the speakers are turned off. It will definitely change the direction your hair is pointing!

My thought is to replace the digital coaxial input with the equivalent Toslink component (thanks mikeymoose), and eliminate the need for a converter with an independent power supply.

If someone has a better idea, please share!

Scott C.