What do we know about the Vivace Mini ?

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It seems to be the Faital 3FE22 16Ohms (according to the ad).
The opening on the back has visible 3 glued layers so the depth is about 1.5inch [2 layers of 0,25 in. HDF for construction of the housing].
From the shape of the enclosure i would say a one time folded horn with an BR opening - TQWT?!
Finalé Audio’s Vivace Minis: Hearing is Believing | Wall of Sound
In the link is written "they measure 32.5” in height, 7.5” in width, and 13” in depth".
The front is angled a little bit backwards and also the top plate is angled.
For the inner dimension H:32",W:7",D:12,5" as a maximum.

I think everything else can be done by a nice simulation and working with AJHorn or LeonardAudioTML...

described in their prose as:
Their magic lies hidden in the cabinet design -- a hybrid horn / transmission line -- which we call our Air Cannon Loudspeaker Transmission System. This unique design provides a 10-fold bass gain over a conventional unit. In fact, bass production is close what we'd get if the speaker was equipped with an extra 10" woofer!
I'm as big a fan of 3-4" full range drivers in a BLH / MLTL design as the next guy, but - hmm, have we heard any of this "defying the laws of physics" from these folks before?
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I like the look f these drivers, do they have bigger brothers with favourable reviews ?

There is a 4in model called 4FE32 (Nd motor and lower Qts) and 4FE35 (ferrite motor). I have not personally used them but hear that they are good. Then there is the 5FE120 which is not a true full range anymore. Great mid or mid bass though. What it does have is very flat response up to 4kHz and 90dB.

Bigun - remind us again as to the enclosure type/size on your AN15s, as well as approx room size?

For new projects that might pique your interest, how about a FAST with 3-4" fullranger of your favorite flavor, and woofers in the 8-10" range?
A7.3 & A12PW certainly work.

Try as I might, I've yet to be sufficiently aroused by an OB or line array.
Forgive me if I should know the answer to this, but ever considered any of the Mark Audio drivers for a FAST? The new Pluvia7 / CHS70 has quite a decent upper mid to top-end register for my ears. Of course, it's no secret that I've used almost every driver in his range since the EL70 - including 2 recent FASTs - and have become acclimated to any idiosyncrasies with which others might attribute them.

Then there's always the Fostex FF85 and 105WK.

Of course, as always, the intended venue and application will always trump (is that now a four letter word?) the most well intentioned suggestions
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