What did you last repair??


2013-04-06 5:18 pm
I last repaired one of my 8 track tapes :)

I got volume 2 of "1950s rock and roll collection" and the pad was no good so I went out to find a good pad...... I found one and last night I went about fixing it....

When I opened the cartridge the tape came off the spool a little and I thought I lost the tape but I managed to get it wound back on the spool and into the cartridge and she plays fine :)

Now to get volume 3 of this amazing set.... Its a 4 record set,3 8 track set (Im not sure how many cassettes or CDs in the set)


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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
Maine USA

Ryobi ships chain-saws with the bar sticking out of the box. Shockingly, it got bent in shipping, about 9 degrees or tip about 1.5" off from straight. Chain did not like the bend, it bound. When slacked, it skipped out of the groove.

I pitched a complaint and they are sending another (the same way??). But meantime I put it on my bench with pads, pipes, clamps, and got it down to a small S bend, enough to get some work done. I expect the chain and bar will wear quickly.

It's Ryobi-fix week here. I have two yard-sale Ryobi reciprocating saws, useful things. But the first one had a shattered case bound with duct-tape. The second had a horribly worn front guide.

The front guide is *apparently* readily available, so I put one in the e-cart. I saw that the price of a whole (?) new body for the other was very reasonable, so I e-carted that also.

Turns out the front bushing was NOT the right part, and the fault is in Ryobi's documentation so I could not blame the vendor. I went to swap the back bushing to the front, and Ryobi made it just enough different it won't go. I made it go but it is not a prime saw.

I figured a case swap would be easier. I got it apart, 15 screws, noted the motor pads were not included and swapped them over, went all together again. Last step is to put the Allen wrench in its holder... would not hold! Squinted at the old housing: there was a small clear bit of soft plastic to grip the wrench. All 15 screws out again, try not to lose any parts while I slipped the bit in place. That saw is now like-new.
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2007-10-10 5:21 pm
I finally put an extra spacer on the free hub on my CAAD 10. Tired of listening to the cassette rattle. That and put a new tire on the same wheel - I've been running with a dollar bill for a boot in the old tire (with a cut in it) for about 2 months.
I had a new power amp module not work.
As I probed around the circuit it burst into life.
I had missed a soldered joint completely.
The resistor leg was waggling around inside the pcb hole.
Red face, soldered it and been fine since.

Previous to that had a new build valve amp output valve red plate.
Had completely missed fitting a grid stopper resistor on that valve.
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2015-08-05 11:17 pm
A ' faulty ' sold as seen Pioneer 6 disc multi cd player .
Guy in the junk shop said it turns on but won't load discs , paid GBP 2.50 and when i got it home and removed the cartridge there was a cd in one of the slots label side up.
I flipped the cd over loaded 5 more and turned on , works perfectly.
Easiest ' repair ' ever and looking at ebay etc they sell for around GBP 180 - 200 so a pretty good investment.
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An Eico 377 Audio signal generator. Found it in my grandmothers garage last week, my grandfather would have bought it in the fifties, and last used it about 1970 before I was born. No output on start-up. One of those horrible waxed paper capacitors turned out to be leaky. Replaced with a high voltage polypropylene, now as good as new.
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2010-01-17 9:20 pm
My Fritzbox 7270 was stuck in a permanent reboot loop, ending with all LEDs flashing each time. Accordingly, the scope indicated a periodic supply voltage dip at the 13V input.
The reason was a totally deaf 330uF/16V cap inside the AC-Adapter made by Friwo/Germany. So I replaced it by some 2x100uF/25V polymer and everything is fine since.


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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
Maine USA
Neighbor brought home a DR trimmer, similar to this except in worse shape with the older engine. Probably made 1985.

Clutch was tied with a rag. Wrong belt. No rotor brake. Deadman bar was clearly wrong and a dubious hack.

It would start, but really didn't want to. Didn't run right either.

Really filthy. Took everything off the frame. Got to use my pressure washer, twice.

New starter clutch. New belt. New belt clutch springs. Adjust belt clutch mechanism. Clean belt clutch latch. Bent new deadman bar from brake line (DR wants too much for the part). New air cleaner (whole thing, can't buy that filter alone). New carburetor. New spark plug. Another new starter clutch (sad tale). New string. And different new string on order.

Arguably I am over half the cost of a new warranted trimmer with perhaps better features. Ah, but my neighbor let it to me free, and what can be better than free??

Now it starts every time with 1-1/2 yanks, and runs well. Really too much power (3.75HP!) for a string trimmer. Too easy to wrap the string around a woody weed and lose the string. New string and some technique refinement may help.

I have about an acre of 'weeds' that want clearing. I say weeds but some of it is Lupines, a very pretty spring roadside flower. However they are grown so close to the road that we can't see out from the side street to the busy main road. I have to cut them back for sight-line. I did some with a battery weed wacker but that was heavy work.


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I hate to generalize, but I think that's only when we don't listen / can't read their minds - they on the other hand can generally intuit what we're thinking

Some women are very open about how they feel and that is good.
My ex wife kept her thoughts very much to herself and so was much harder to fathom out.
Going through the change, getting older and becoming fat destroyed her self esteem. This caused her to become very vulnerable to attention from other men and that's what destroyed the marriage.
it could be the "of your own" - which implies ownership- that could be the genesis of the problems? I'd prefer to think "to share my interests and joys, in spite of my sundry and easily identified flaws" . I was blessed that it seemed to work for at least the first 25 yrs, but life is longer than that.