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What can I make for you?

Please do not encourage people to rip off Rod's intellectual property and sell it to others, even for DIY purposes. Rod works hard to put up the designs and board sales are the only thing keeping him fed and the website afloat.

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Rod's design is posted on his website. He shows you exactly how to make the circuit yourself if you want.

The poster here offered to make things for people who don't have time or couldn't.

If it was stabbing at Rod Elliot, then Rod shouldn't give instructions for the circuit, and what parts are needed.

Sorry if you took offense. Besides, Rod lives way down under, and getting stuff shipped out of the country is a real pain. I've given up buying things out of the country on ebay.

If you look at the group buy forum you will see alot of the them center around heatsinks and chassis. If you design a standard chassis for a power amplifier with heatsinks, you will have a bunch of customers here. A simple chassis would be maybe 15" to 17" long by 12" to 15" wide by 8" high with heatsinks mounted on the sides enough to dissipate 150 watts each. The front panel should have a hole for a power switch hole and the rear panel should have holes for 2 XLR and RCA connectors and an IEC power connector. If done nicely you could get $300 to $350 each.
- General modifications/improvements to the popular Behringer dcx2496

- A CLEAN DC powersupply for the dcx2496 [RobM has designed one, but it has been found to be a bit noisy unless fed with an isolated supply] ----> Yes, for DC use at 11-15v or so.

- Digital outputs (bypass) for the dcx2496

Someone should really compile a list of all the information we have on these units...
transducer said:
I vote for a PCB for a 6 channel balanced attenuator with remote control, to use with a Behringer DCX2496 or similar. There are a lot of people that have bought these units, but are having a problem controlling the output volume. Personally, I could cobble something together, but I'd much rather have a nice PCB to stuff.


This is already offered by member BDipoala.
Here is the link, if you need
AR2 said:

This is already offered by member BDipoala.
Here is the link, if you need

I'm aware of Bills board. Two problems, 1)overall cost, I priced out the boards and parts, and it added up to $300CDN, almost the price of the DCX itself! That's a bit crazy for a volume control. 2) I'd prefer something external to the DCX itself, basically a 6 channel preamp in its own box, with remote. That way if I ever upgrade to something else, or Behringer comes out with a better unit, I can keep my investment in the volume control.

The reason that I was suggesting a group buy on a 6 channel volume control board is that perhaps with larger quantities, the price could come down significantly vs. Bills boards.

I do understand the thinking behind the price, but my experience is that volume control, balanced and for 6 channels will cost you a lot anyways. Bill's boards are exceptional 4 layered, and you could always put them in separate box. The nicest part is additional op amp replacement board with easy breakout of the signal. You could choose Bill's op-amp board or your own preamp (do not forget x12 for 6 channel of balanced signal)
I suffered for a while after I purchased my DCX and explored a lots of options. There is no inexpensive solution for something like this. DACT 6 channel switch x 2 will cost you roughly $ 700, as far as I remember.