What cable to use?

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I am looking to make set of component video cables for my DVD out. I have a set in there now made with a single 18 ga. copper coax conductor, but I'm just not satisified with them. It is a very smooth looking picture, but I feel that the color should be stronger. Can anyone suggest a good, reasonably inexpensive cable to use? Could I use something besides coax?

(Noticed 20AWG silver-plated copper with polythylene insulation and PVC jacket on the Belden website, #734D1. Would this be suitable, despite being a PVC jacket?)


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I havn't tryed this but someone told me that CAT5 twisted pair cables make good interlinks as well as speaker cable. But it is important to connect the gound foil (use the outdoor grade).

if you use multiple conductors you have LOW resistance, and the twised makes good noise rejection, Solid conductors mean reduced skin effects. The insulation is supposed to be a superb dielectric. This is why these cables are used for sensitive data transmission that can be prone to noise
I was actually thinking of that long ago, but I wasn't sure if the cable would have the bandwidth I was looking for. If I did make it, how many of the conductors should I use for it? I've seen a few configurations done before using very few, but never have I seen the full 8 conductors.
Twisted cables are used for data transmission because of their good noise characteristics true. But thats because you get the benefit of common mode rejection on a differential line. Surely the only way you'd see this in domestic systems is if you're running a balanced system (hot+,hot-,0v). I suspect that isn't the case for most of us (well not in Europe anyway).

CAT5 twisted pair cables are noted for their ability to ignore noise, and for their high bandwidth (due to low capacitance and inductance). This makes them ideal for audio frequency use, including long runs.

On the other hand, most video applications require cables of a specific impedance (usually 75-ohms) for optimum signal. I think that if you try to use CAT5 cables for video applications, you'll have an impedance mismatch, which will degrade the quality of your signal.

In my system, I use line-level (audio and video) cables made by Acoustic Research (Pro Series). The best prices I found for these was from Accessories 4 Less. The component video cables are listed in 'http://www.accessories4less.com/advscripts/prodlist.asp?area=55'.

I have had no problems with them. It is my opinion that these are among the best of the non-esoteric cables you can get.

Good luck.

Your right on the money about the impedance for video cables being crucial, you have to use 75 ohm cables for video. One other thing about component video is that the length of each signal cable has to be match to within a fraction of an inch or you can get visible color problems. A missmatch in cable length may be what is at the root of Super's discontent.

Super, I would see if you could audition several high quality component cable sets at a home theater dealer until you find a set that work for you.

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