What cabinet design best for this unusual subwoofer? Bass reflex, passive radiators, corner-horn....?

Driver has Fs 54 Hz but stays above 95dB down to 27 Hz, where it drops off sharply. Is is doable for the right cabinet to maintain the response down to 25Hz? or what would be the challenges to do so? Could it go down to 22-23? Or, even if put into a good cabinet, will the response drop off well before it gets to 27? That's a large difference between 54 and 27Hz, and I know its unusual, so has anyone encountered such an issue before? An Audiogon forum member suggested I ask this question here. Please help as I'm sure looking forward to ideas and recommendations.
Thanks Dave. New here so I'm just learning. The driver is 15", VC4", Bl 23, Vas 2.2 cuft., fairly stiff suspension w/ Qms 14.5, Cms 0.05mm/N, double spider, so for this reason & the Bl I'm leaning towards a corner horn, not relying on excursion w/ an Xmax of 7.5mm. Primarily will be used from its low end to 150 Hz, & in this range it averages about 98dB. The above measurements are at 1W/1M, & compared to most subs I've looked at its fairly flat +-3-4dB up to about 1100Hz, where it begins dropping off or breaking up. Primarily considering a corner-horn cabinet, facing into the corner, with maybe with a passive radiator above it. What more would you like to know? Qes: .51, Qts. .50, Sd 881, Vd 661, so displacement is not the greatest for a 15", but the PR and corner placement should help. Thinking of a sealed cabinet w/ PR facing into corner w/ rear chamber could be 2-4 cu.ft.