What brand of resistors do Dynaudio use?


Hi, I wish to ask what resistors are those? The white ceramic ones.
Ah, I was wrong, ModulOhm is a name that covers several different designs of resistor - the first match I got was for naked PCB wire link resistors. Why use one name for unrelated series? Maybe ModulOhm is DanoTherm speak meaning "wirewound".
Anyway any decent quality power resistor is probably suitable, although inductance may vary somewhat between makes, low value resistors tend not to have many turns and are not very inductive - a purest might want to restrict to low-inductance versions.
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I expect that the resistance of the inductors will be more problematic than the inductance of the resistors.
To test this theory, I used my U1733C LCR meter on two WW resistors I have to hand.
One type came from Tandy, a long time ago, non-inductively wound, that I use in series/parallel groups for a dummy load when testing amplifiers.
The 8 Ohm non-inductive resistor measured 0.01uH, @10kHz, 0.09uH @100kHz after nulling the test leads.
A 10 Ohm 11Watt WW resistor, similar to the one in that crossover, measured 0.34uH @10kHz, 0.52uH @100kHz.
Test lead resistance was 0.02 Ohms, 0.18uH @10kHz, 0.15uH @100kHz, before nulling. The test leads on this meter are only 10cm long.