What are you Watching?

Although my primary sensibilities incline to the Mathematical and Scientific, I do have a sensibility to the Artistic.

I was re-examining one of my "Favourite" French Movies lately.

I First saw this many years ago. Does it still stand up?

Most assuredely:

Juliette Binoche.jpg

The basic plot is Juliette is dealt a whole lot of trouble when Her Husband and Daughter get Killed in a Car-Crash. Due to a leaking Brake-Pipe.

She is numbed by the Experience.

As we all often are.

What I found very Cheering about her performance, is She stayed Centred. A Hard thing to do.
Knew I was going to have some time to kill on an airline flight, so I downloaded some Netflix to my iPad. Was hard to contain my mirth at the delightful, sophomoric and vulgar absurdity of Mike Meyers’ Panaverate. His chameleon performances are definitely an acquired taste - a challenge to guess which roles he’s not performing; this one had had me in stitches from start to finish.