What are ya'll listening too?

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So is that a music question or a system question?

Just spent a couple of hours reconfiguring my downstairs system to include a new Rotel RC1570 pre -a nice little piece- with EL84 PP pentode amp and FH3 with Alpair MAOP 7s, quite a nice way to waste an afternoon
Had these running all week. If the source is excellent so are they. If the source stinks, so do they. Peter, Paul and Mary, Sonny Rollins and Grant Green.

Open baffle TB 1808 over Alpha 15 in H-frame.


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currently a rca center channel with the lineaum tweeter (not full range driver but 6db filter), crossed active crossover 150hz to quad ppsl subwoofer. Powered by ab international amplifier. I'm on the fence whether to take a bath and get more 2 centers or get 3 betsyK's for a home theater.
An Alpair 10M in a ported speakers powered from a marantz PM5004 amp in my living room. Old active Tannoye Reveal studiomonitors in my bedroom. in my lab working with some old Philips 9710M and 1065 widerange's (not boxed yet) to find good use for those. In my car (i'm too much in my car) to the rather good onboard system. Sources go from vinyl on a modded Technics D202 or a modded Dual CS601 turntable and webstreaming, flac, high bitrate mp3's and .wav files from my laptop to an Tascam convertor trough a yamaha small pa mixer to amp.

Music goes from classic to breakcore and from abba to zappa... I listen to a lot of music styles. Last on was Eric B & Rakim's album "Follow the leader" (1988 oldskool hiphop) from wav files ripped from the original cd on my car's system.
I change often, too. The relatively cheap(er) cost and simplicity of full rangers really makes it great to try new stuff out.

Office setup: FF125WKeN in mFonkens powered by a MiniWatt tube amp; for bass I have a pair of Tymphany 5.25" woofers in h-frames right on my desk. Crossover/EQ handled by a MiniDSP. Works pretty well, actually.

I have some Fostex FE103Sols and FF85WKs in simple BR boxes that I sometimes will swap in, depending on the mood. I'm considering sending the FE103s out to P10 for fancy dot treatment. :)

Home: FH3s with Alpair 7.3eNs powered by a Yamaha Aventage HT receiver. A Dayton HO12 in a sealed box provides bass.
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At home, a Ripcaster server feeding losslessly to Naim Unitiqutes, wired to Metronome FE127s or Neat Iotas, depending on the room. At work, a Cambridge Minx fed via a VPN tunnel to the Ripcaster, wired to a pair of uFonkens. Have rotated the the speakers around the locations without a conclusive preference (which speaks volumes about the two DIY designs, as the Iotas a considered giant killers by those who write about these things).
So funny about the ear buds, Bob. I go thru half a dozen pair a year. Some are terrible and some very listenable. My current rule is never to spend more than $20. I've got a pair of Koss $12 jobbies the other day that sound great except for their splashy (slushy) treble.

My first pair ever are a $90 pair of Sony I've had since around 2005 - slighly dull sounding and a bit bassy but they still work and I listen to them from time to time when the kids are doing homework - or my girlfriend is yelling at me.
Cubietruck with SSD, Raspberry Pi with HiFiBerry or Pi3 with ripoff off DAC <cough>, WLX/Breeze TPA3116 to Tannoy E11 speakers....


Cubietruck etc to Chromecast audio via Nexus 4 running Bubbleupnp. Through a TPA3116 dual chip to DIY Woden Redeye speakers with Aura NS3s.

A weird combination of millenium era dance and popular music including ATB, ATC, Ace Of Bass, Christina Aguilera, Britney, Bran Van 3000, Faith Hill, Jennifer Paige, Stiltskin, Eve 6, Lit.... etc...

More usually, Saxon, Suzanne Vega, some classical including Pachelbel's Canon and various Led Zeppelin tracks, usually from around the 3rd/4th album. Gallows Pole, Bron yr Aur (stomp) etc.
Robt - $1200 CDN (maybe more now with the Canadian peso being what it is) - a bit steep for what looks like a Peerless 4" mid-bass (excellent as they are), and a small pleated ribbon / AMT style monopole tweeter and simple XO.

But then, the paint job could we worth as much as at least one of the drivers at OEM pricing, and a several hundred percent markup over final cost is standard.
My thoughts as well, Chris, until I actually listened to them. As I said, not buying by the cubic inch! All I can say is that they "just work" in a way that totally belies their appearance (paint finish not withstanding).
Now, a DIY homage would be an interesting challenge, if someone had the expertise to work the specs. A chance to swap out that MDF cabinet for something a little more exotic at the same time.
I have a stack of aluminium honeycomb board that is just crying out for a small speaker project.
For a small nearfield monitor, how about the Peerless 830870 and an inexpensive AMT / planar style monopole tweeter like the Dayton AMT Min-8 or PTMini 6 .

I've used multiples of that little 4" woofer with surprising success, the tweeter I can't speak to, but it'd have to be something along those lines to replicate the Iotas
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