what about some help over here!!!

Angel, they will probably move this to the interument amp section, so look there if it disappears here.

Your circuit is very basic and simple, a crude amplifier. If you play nothing but overdrive tones, you might not notice some distortion, but it does show up[ on clean tones. I agree with the others, it is probably crossover distortion you hear. Because those power transistors are "darlington" transistors, they are inside actually two transistors wired together in one part. But that also means you need more bias than single transistors. I see only two 1N4007 diodes for bias, and this circuit probably needs more like 3 or even four. How about three and a fourth with a parallel resistor. Or just design a more sophisticateed bias circuit.

Alright, the problem was my own dumbness, i put a 100nf cap instead of the 100pf between B and C of TIP41. change it and the problem was gone, :D

well,i love simple things, and i have to say that this amp works very well. very clear and loud for a 50 years old pre and speaker, thanks for the quick answers!
and, why that cap was making that distortion???