Wharfedale spare parts?

Okay, I bought a pair of Wharfedale Valdus 500 speakers on eBay... kind of expecting to have do some basic repairs, but I was quite surprised when I took a better look at them when I got back.

Basically, one speaker has the 2 woofers, 1 mid-woofer, 1 tweeter it is supposed to have.

The other has 3 woofers and 1 tweeter! What's worse is that the one where the mid is supposed to go is making a horrible scraping noise, and is obviously damaged. How this happened I don't know (I'm guessing the guy did a pretty bad job of trying to fix something)...

Anyway, if anyone knows where to get spare parts for it (preferably in Australia), or knows of a close match I can use, it would be appreciated.