Wharfedale 2050A Integrated Amplifier


2010-11-13 12:49 am
Is there anyone else out there who owns one of these?
I bought this Amplifier (Wharfedale 2050A) back in the 90's and I am interested to know more about its manufacturing history. It is British made and is a 2x50w into 8ohm amp. Nobody who I've spoken to in Australia has ever heard of Wharfedale making amplifiers.

What I'm also interested in knowing is that it has a clipping circuit. In the specs itsays "CLIPPING CONDITION - Clean on hard clipping".

What does this mean, exactly?

Also, I have just purchased some Energy Pro 22 speakers in great condition and I heard that the tweeters in these don't like clipping. I'm wondering if I'm going to get problems having them hooked up to this amp.

Hence I'm interested in knowing what this "Clean on hard clipping" means.

Any feedback greatly appreciated - this is my first posting here.