Wharfdale Centre 8 - 5" kevlar speaker specs


I have a Wharfdale Center 8 with the yellow 5" kevlar woofers and I was wondering if anyone has either in thier possession or a link to, the mechanical and electrical specs for these drivers, I was wanting to repurpise them into a 3 way speaker project and need specs to design an enclosure.

I've done some Web searches and come up with nothing.

The other option is to take the existing box, which is single ported and split it into two enclosures, how can this be calculated and achieved?

I'm not using it as a centre speaker, i just want to incorporate the drivers into a new 3 way design for stereo use, I'll be using existing Vifa pj-w17-00-08 and D25 tweeters.

Thanks for the link, I'll take a look. I have seen a speaker test kit that can measure parameters, I think Dayton make it, but haven't gone into researching that yet.
Here's the link, this might be the way to go, but I was trying to avoid extra cost. I do however have several drivers lying around that could benefit from this kit...


Yes, it is for my budget! I'm on a pension...and this DIY audio is just a hobby, not an audiophile adventure.

It's AUD$229 on ebay. The wholesale supplier here in AU, I used to have an account with several years ago, back when I was doing IT, might be worth my time getting in contact to see if I can reinstate, but I doubt it.

It's also available from Audiophonics in France, if you're interested. Or retail direct from Dayton in the US.

Might be one of those long term projects to shelve, the Wharfdale enclosure of the Centre 8 is cosmetically damaged, hence my idea to repurpose drivers.

Thanks for replying 🙂
Hey, I'm the adventurous type! And this thread has been just that, plus a learning curve. But yeah, might just shelve these wharfdales, they do sound amazing as a centre and I've used them with an old mid century tube radio I have. Maybe that's thier new life...

I can always rebuild the enclosure, that's a piece of cake.

Problem with adventures is, I've got too many speakers lying around, wanting attention, some in boxes, some all alone, wanting boxes. So a DATS V3 maybe a purchase down the long road...

I'll focus on the Vifas I have for now as a project and avoid buying more drivers...
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