Whafredale Speakers

Hi there. I've got 2x Wharfedale 15" hifi speakers from circa 1976 vintage as well as 2x 8" from the same era.
Is there someone out there who can: 1) forward me the Thiele-Smalls on these drivers, and/or, 2) supply me with a cabinet design for this driver?
I want to use the 15's for Bass, the 8's for mid, with a Calrad Cellular horn tweeter and 3 way crossover. Any Ideas. the Soundman
Whatfedale W15 FS/CS/RS

Hello Soundman,
I have in my possession, two W15FS and two W15CS woofers. the FS is foam surround and the CS is cloth surround, more like a grey felt. The FS models I have have been refitted with new foam.
I can run both these types of drivers on my LMS (Loudspeaker management System) and get the Theile-Small parameters. I assume your models have the RS, half roll surround and probably ceramic magnets; the models I have are all fitted with the red square AlNiCo magnet. The differences are probably negligible.
I'm still using a Briggs' 3 way built by an uncle in 1957. The bass reflex is 10 cubic feet. The mid and tweet face up in a separate frame type cabinet, open on all sides. The system can be seen here. BRIGGS' THREE WAY
Also, I can supply you with dimensions for a rectangular bass reflex or a corner design, the latter being much less obtrusive in a room with the added benefit of corner loading. The corner design is about 7 cubic feet.

The first piccy shows what a corner cabinet can look like; the second shows the 1957 Wharfedale system. In the left corner can be seen the other corner cabinet with the treble unit on top which was made months later.




2011-12-07 6:23 pm
15 cps Horn Subwoofers

I have built a pair of 15 cps horns with 20 ft. path lengths. They will reproduce energy below 10 cps. Please email phone # so I can tell you about them. I believe you came to my house and heard my system. There have been quite a few modifications since then.