wet-cleaning brushes

Al Dunbar

2010-09-22 11:34 pm
I'm planning on making a wet-cleaning vacuum machine (or maybe just modify the crevice tool on a wet/dry vac). I've seen a lot of great projects on here for that purpose.

My question is about the cleaning stage. Specifically, what should I use for a brush? Are the VPI and Disc Doctor brushes worth the considerable expense? Is there a cheaper way (nylon paint brushes, felt, velvet?) that can be used to the same effect? Also, from what I can tell from small jpgs, the VPI and DD brushes appear to work on different principles. If folks are sold on the VPI brush, what is the difference (other than price) between the replacement for the HW 16/16.5 and HW 17?

BTW, for solution, I plan on using some as-yet-undetermined ratio of highly pure isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. I already have photoflow, but the negative comments have scared me a bit, and I might shell out for the Triton X-114.

Thanks for any input you might have; I'm ready to stop obsessing and start cleaning!