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Western Electric audio interconnect cable, $50/pair only


2009-11-20 9:01 am
We now introduce an audio interconnect cable by using the vintage Western Electric 0.62mm diameter copper wires with waxed cloth. These classic wires from USA were produced in 1950s. On listening test of these wires, they are very suitable for audio and hifi. The structure of the interconnect cable is simple. Each 2 wires are in series for + and - and with cropper net shielding (total 4 wires for each channel). These can ensure the balance of sound and very low distortion. The RCA plugs are professional quality Yongsheng YS-366 under audio industry standard from Neutrik, China.
Special price: USD16/pair (MKI), Length: 1.25 meter *Discontinued*N.W.: approx. 170 gm

Can arrange registered air mail to overseas and it just costs USD5 for a pair.

My Paypal account: [email protected]




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2004-10-07 6:05 am
These can today - 2 pair. Much soon than expected. Very nicely built - thank you!

The cover you see on the photo is a woven mesh of nylon and copper shield. Very pretty. The Western Electric wire seems to be inside, but I did not take apart my pretty new cables to find out!