Well Tempered Classic V arm problem == grrr

Hi everyone ---

Lamplight here, my first post, just registered today !

I am seriously addicted to vinyl and am having some withdrawals-- here is my plight:

I have a Well Tempered Classic V table which has the late model carbon fiber arm.

Heres whats going on:

At the point where the arm wand and the top end of the puck connect there has become a small amount of play, (with regard to azimuth, as well as distance.)

It seems as though some of the silicon from the well has seeped up and made the connection loose.

I am seeking assistance to 2 of my questions:

What is the suggestion as to getting that point secure? I was thinking that after pulling the arm assembly down for service, and thoroughly cleaning, an ever-so small dot of super glue would take care of the problem, but I shudder to think of using super glue on my Well Tempered! (the play is indeed minimal but still of concern.)

What should the distance from the end of the arm wand (at the rear) be to the point that it connects with the puck @ the connection point.

As a preface, I will say that I have the knowledge and ability to restring the arm (not that I will need to or want to ! ) and set it up properly, I do have the WT protractor.

I will call George @ Stanalog --- but he is always difficult to get to talk with --- great guy though once he is available!

Thanking everyone in advance, and sorry for making the post such a novel.


BTW -- the format of this forum is awesome!