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I have most of bits and pieces assembled and am now at the point where I reassure myself as to a good grounding and layout for the placement of components in the enclosure minus speaker protection (in progress) I have included a few photos of what I am working with.
I intend to ground the mains to the enclosure at the entry point, the amp boards will be grounded at the dc neg side of the power supply unit.
I guess my major question is, does the dc circuitry need to be grounded to the chassis at any point or remain independent of the mains ground?
I also would like your input as to the layout of the components in the enclosure. I have a preliminary layout pictured, my intent was to keep ac and dc as far apart as possible. Any of your thoughts would be appreciated.

The 3rd photo is for the possible placement of a vintage, late 1990s high end Alpine AM FM tuner CD player 20 bit dac model 7915 (No Amps) through the front panel if I am able to resurrect the old girl, she has a few issues, everything worked when stored 15 yrs ago now it sometimes reads cds, dead leds, no back light for the display, dead backup battery. After a complete disassemble to clean, oil and grease it was functioning well minus the lights, then for no apparent reason the multi function vol, bass, treble, balance, fade, etc. knob only works in one direction, vol down, treble, bass etc. down only???(VOODOO) I have looked for the control/pot but as of now I have not found one, I will go with separate pots if necessary. It is a fine sounding unit I hope that I can revive it.
Sorry about the babble, I will most likely have more on this later when I know more about the particulars to the problems.


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look at the loop areas in your left pic. Even the cap mounting board has enormous loop areas.
Change the current in any one of those loops and you emit interference to affect any aerial in the vicinity.
Sort your LOOP AREAS.
Every circuit has a source of current and ALL that current must return to source. That flow and return forms a loop (circuit is a corruption of circular route)
Make ALL your circuits and the interconnections between modules with as small LOOP AREA as you can manage.
This applies to high current loops as much as to low current loops.
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