Well-finished metal knobs for amps/preamps

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I had posted about this source of knobs what appears to be many years ago. If you look for my old posts, you'll see references to knobs made by "Uncle Harry", AKA Mr Behari Valecha, who has been lovingly making these knobs in Mumbai, India for four decades.

Now Harry Electronics has a Website, with some pictures --- not very large or detailed --- of some of his knobs. It's hard to find knobs of this quality at a reasonable price (and I don't consider $50 per knob "reasonable"). I'm quite certain stainless steel knobs from DACT will be better finished than Harry's knobs. But if I were building amps as a hobby, I'd never pay those DACT prices for their knobs.

I don't know what his minimum order quantities are, what his prices and shipping rates are, but at least he's now in a position to handle international inquiries and ship to anywhere in the world. And I know for certain that his MOQ will NOT exceed one hundred pieces of any particular design/size. I also know he's done business with some people in North America, so he has experience doing business with distant customers. And there's one thing I've seen about him: he's honest.

I have no commercial interest in Harry Electronics, other than buying some knobs from him in the past. I thought some amp builders would find this source of knobs interesting, hence this post.

Please do not contact me about any inquiries about Harry Electronics --- I have no energy to act as intermediary for him. :) And Mr Valecha will be more than willing to reply to your email messages.
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Hey, that site is pretty good. I ordered about 30 knobs from him about a year ago, but in a group buy that was organized in India. It worked out great, and I am confident he would come through.

The down side is that you have to communicate what you want. If you have a knob you want duplicated , or duplicated with some changes, then it is best to send it to him. Even though the knobs are shown on the web site, I don't think he keeps a stock of them, so each order would probably require a minimum. The cool thing is that your equipment can have a custom look that no one else has.

We got a matte silver, shaped like the 2569BS, but I like the brushed black or silver also.

The prices are very reasonable, ROUGHLY - as best I can remember, I ended up paying around $5 each for 1 1/2" (that's big!) and $3 each for 1" That varies depending on complexity and included shipping. Mine had scoops out of each side which made them more expensive than some, but we may also may have gotten a special deal.
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