weird horn speaker...

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Does anyone know what this horn was used for? Is it made to be mounted standing vertical so the sound goes out all around?
It appears to be the center portion of an old typical large reentrant (folded) PA (public address) horn.
The outer horn bell is missing, as is the thread on driver.

I used to own a bunch of "MASH" (mobile army surgical hospital) horns that had detachable horn bells (around 24" across) that could be stacked like Dixie cups. The bells clipped on with overcenter clamps.
Could fit 16 bells and center portions in a large car trunk, more than enough PA coverage for an 18,000 seat grandstand.

I paid around $25 apiece for them, the price asked in the ad for just a portion of a loudspeaker would only be worth it if someone found the piece to be aesthetically appealing.


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if attach a driver and mound this vertically how will the sound dispurse from it? Will it be focused down or bounce out and up or both?

The exits are small, so sound coming out would diffract.
Sound would disperse radially, you could visualize it like a donut (a torus shape) dropped over the horn.

At lower frequencies (without the horn, that would be around 1000 Hz) dispersion would be almost omnidirectional, at upper frequencies (the horn will top out around 7000 Hz) the dispersion would be more like a disc.

If you manufactured a 4 foot (or so) radial horn bell like this >< a single driver could be used for 360 degree coverage down to around 400 Hz.
if i put a horn bell like that would the high frequencies dispurse more?
A radial horn as previously described would have 360 degree horizontal dispersion with the vertical dispersion approximately that of the horn wall angle for frequencies up to around 3K.
The higher frequencies (what little that make it through) would still "beam" (like a disk) as they are coming through a long, narrow horn expansion with a simple rounded turn.

If you want 360 degree dispersion with wide vertical dispersion, simply mounting 5 small full range speakers in a pentagon box would do the trick and have a much more wide range "hifi" sound.
I am thinking of adding this driver to it and mounting it vertical on top of a small box that would be adjustable in height.

Goldwood GT-1188 Piezo Horn Driver 1-3/8"-18 TPI 270-082

if i made the bottom of this horn stand at about 5 and a half feet would he high beam hit the people? or would it be better higher above peoples heads?

the small box will have a woofer that goes up to 5000 hz.. do you think this will sound good? or do you think i will need to add a tweeter?
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