Wavecor vs Arylic ... more for less?

I see no real problem by looking a little closer to the situation... the larger AMT has a little dip between 5-6kHz which makes sh'-noises from voices less offending and the a few dB rising response on-axis is good for us elderly listeners with more dull ears that we are accepting to have :)

Most people place the speakers quite close to the wall behind the speakers .

So the woofer has 85dB and the inductor in series will introduce 0.6-0.8dB , the larger AMT will be around 92dB , for 6dB padding down the AMT use a resistor in series before and do some fine adjustment .

Toe the speakers in at least towards the listener avoiding a too dull sound .

good luck
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1. Why are these links behind sharesaleanalytics?

2. DIYers are a discerning bunch. We want data.
What makes it stand out from a crowded field?

2a) Why’s the impedance graph go up to only 2Khz; instead of 20K?

2b) Apparently it’s measured by Klippel and the heading is fundamental + harmonics. So where’s the harmonic distortion data?
Sorry no idea what "sharesaleanalytics" means ... seems to be not relevant to me! (I am just an average DIY guy like most of the others here)

Yes the data sheet left something to be desired like missing Xmax value .

My impression is those Arylic drivers are just as good as Wavecor but for halve the price . For young DIY guys having low income very seducing ....

To demonstrate how much fun this hobby can bring here an extraordinary track by Charly Antolini , Slow Down (2 drummers left and right with bass guitar as lead instrument in the middle) :

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Wavecor is very much Vifa, made in China. As in pretty close to state of the art IMHO. We just don’t have any large market distribution channel in AU. I know SoundLabsGroup have them, by sometimes a bit hit and Miss on product availability and ETA.

I don’t know about Arylic. Someone might have to suck it and see…
I wonder about zero reaction of the DIY crowd - anything wrong with these offers?
Given the number of good, independently verified drivers out there in their category, I would suggest that "is there anything better about these offers" will be the question most of us ask instead.

My impression is those Arylic drivers are just as good as Wavecor but for halve the price . For young DIY guys having low income very seducing ....
On what do you base this impression? We have many independent tests quantifying the performance of various wavecor drivers. Unless I've missed something, all we have for these arylic drivers so far is a datasheet from a vendor new to driver manufacture, that has previously made its mark with feature-rich, but objectively poor-performing electronics. We can't even point to a history of datasheet (in)accuracy based on prior offerings. Nothing particularly confidence-inspiring there, IMO.

As a former 'young DIY guy', who still has low income, I will speak from experience here. Chasing 'deals' on new, unproven drivers rarely works out in your favour. In my experience, waiting for validation is always worthwhile, and most of the time, buying instead a proven value performer (such as SB plastic frame line, dayton designer/classic series, peerless value range) is almost always a better choice. Even better; buying a lightly used 'midlevel' driver such as Peerless HDS/NE, Scanspeak Discovery, Dayton RS, or SB NBAC line, if that is possible. I'm sure many young diyers seeking excitement or novelty will ignore this advice, but it is intended to spare them learning this lesson the expensive way.
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It was a good driver (v2) but they've changed the spec (lower Qms): https://stx.pl/w-18-200-8-mcx.html
They also made double xmax version for me for a given T/S in two weeks! I told Vance Dickason to test some.

BTW: Anyone tested Arylic plate amp with DSP? Their amps are rather on lower end of SINAD shootout.


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They have a decent selection still kind of, but i have limited experience with them.
But the price and features included in some of them are very reasonable.
And Poland is not far away for shipping.






STX writes:

The decrease in Qms is due to a change in the carcass. In the V2 version it was fiberglass in the V3 version of aluminum. Several companies for which we make this speaker preferred the version with an aluminum carcass and slightly reduced resonance. The aluminum carcass is stiffer and improves the sound of the mid-range to some extent