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Wavecor TW030WA07 (8 ohm no ferro-fluid) tweeters & TW030WA08 (8ohm w/ ferro)

$115 shipped US for 08 -- new or like new
$105 shipped US for 07 -- green dome, new or like new

07 is my favorite dome tweeter, if it matters.
Not bright (I find every dome tweeter too bright), similar too XT25 on the high end, but way way more low end.
08 is pretty good too.


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These are excellent tweeters, smooth, detailed and non-fatiguing. I use the TW030WA04 no flange version in my car system. I used them to replace the Scan D2004/6020-00. I have the Wavecors high passed at 2000 LR4 with no sign of stress or strain.

Highly recommended.

They seem to be one of the few manufactures that has a spec sheet that makes sense and is accurate; maybe looks like it was put together by engineers. The drivers themselves also make sense.

I'm not crazy any dome tweeters really, only XT25 (but it has no low end) and then the Wavecor's 30mm domes. To me the Vifa XT25TG30/BG60 and Wavecor TW30WA07 sound very similar. Maybe no ferro-fluid and similar high end roll-off, I don't know. Wavecor has BG60 efficiency at least.

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