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I want to add my favourite piece of music to my website and I have some problems:
-its format is .cda and when converted to .wav the file it is too big (a few MB), causing download problems on dial-up connections.
-I used the.mp3 format but on my computer (AMD k6-2; Yamaha Soundboard) I can hear nothing but noise, although a friend of mine could hear the music pretty well on his computer(Amd Athlon 1.3Gb, sound on board-AC'97).
-I tried to convert the .wav file into a .midi file using some software(AmazingMidi, Sound2Midi,intelliScore) but it didn't work well (I can only hear a piano, while the original file is a "house" piece).
Is there anything I can do? Anybody have any suggestions? Please, help. Excuse my Englis
dear popikes,

mp3 is the standard format for putting musik to the net. The size of the soundfiles is approximately 10-12 times smaller than the orginal wav-files.
.cda is just the cd leadin/out info file, sound file format is generally .wav at the moment. You grab the sound (say) from a CD to harddisk, and than convert it to .mp3 format. For both operations it is very advisable to use a grabber/converter program like the postcardware EAC http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/ .
EAC cannot only grab and convert, you can also burn CDs with it - very useful.
But there are thousands of suitable programs in the net (if in doubt start at http://www.hitsquad.com an look for mp3 tools - the freeware LAME encoder available at http://www.mp3dev.org has got the most reputation for example, etc.).
As a start I would recommend to listen to different mp3 files from somebody else and use the setting which you like most - > I recommend 128kbit as a compromise between size and sound quality, which is also pretty much the standard in the net anyway.

.mp3 files can be played back by all computers using player software (like http://www.winamp.com ). This works with all computers, so let somebody with the necessary nowledge check up your computer and its settings.

But to convert sound to MIDI is a completely different task, the programs you mentioned can do some special things, but never convert an already complex music into midi. MIDI - as you know - is a controlling protocol, something which says "play that note" to a synthesizer, but it has very little control about the actual sound (that is why you hear piano - general midi channel 1 per default - and not your music anymore). OK?

happy converting

Sound on a web site is ok, but for people that still have 28Kbit to 56Kbit modems. It takes tons of patients for the page to be downloaded. MP3 are good only if the server doesn't deletes it. Free and even some paid servers will not except MP3. There are thousands of MIDI files on the internet, but you may need to pay for some packages of MIDI files.

MP3 files can not play correctly on different web browsers, so its not that widely used. Real Audio is good but the server have to support streaming.

Many users don't like to listen to the web site's music, so it is best to include a stop button on the bottom or top of the page.

The web page maximum download time is 15 seconds, so keep this in mind.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.