Wattage claims from L7 eBay amplifier


2013-01-30 9:28 pm
300W into 4 ohms... on one pair of mosfets, yeah right... maybe for a very short time before their SOAR is exceeded and they explode.

2 ohms, forget it.

I made an amp with 6 off this L 7 It sounded very good. I sold it to a friend . He woulkd use it for a 3 unit system and digital filters. For a while he used only one amp in each channel and some very good old speakers ( 4 ohm ) He has used a lot off amps on the system with no problems. He used the L 7 for some months and suddenly the L7 burnt itself and one off the speakers. Voltage was just 47 Vdc. Now I have to take the amp back and pay him the 5500 dk.kr. back as well.

Take care !
find the datasheet for the output device/s
calculate the total dissipation capacity of the whole output stage.
maximum output power ~ = 25% for mosfets and ~ = 17% to 20% for BJTs if your heatsink can keep Tc< 75°C

eg a two pair output stage using mj21193/4 can deliver ~ 170 to 200W for Tc~85°C (increased from 75 due to Tcmax = 200°C).

If you keep them cooler for your duty, then you can get (a lot) more power output.
Hello all, I'm looking at an amp kit on eBay based on a single pair of IRFP240, IRFP9240 MOSFETS.

Class AB MOSFET L7 Audio power amplifier boards KIT DUAL-CHANNEL 300-350W

Are these wattage claims reasonable at the supply voltage specified rails?
Output power of 150W 8R DC + - 56V
300W 4R DC + - 56V
350W 2R DC +-45V

Here's another reference thread. The design is by LJM who seems to have many designs floating around here.

Thanks for any input.

Well, it's a LIE, pure ans simple.

As of "having many designs floating around", I beg to disagree.:mad:
All I found was schematic less commercial posts, where the best (still absolutely useless) was a screen capture from some simulation program (not a PCB design one) with no parts values and many actually covered by the audio voltmeter image, a bad joke.
He also does not send schematics with kits :eek: , uses non standard pinout parts on purpose and even brags about
I know why you think like that.
But it's a little secret.