watercooling pc how much heat will it dissipate

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I.m now exploring the use of computer cooling for class a amplifier. So my question is: how much heat will a normal / superfast CPU produce. eg. how much heat will a typical setup with 2 fans and radiators get rid of?? sorry poor english.
want fans to go slow/ low noise.

thank you gentlemen

A single 240 rad (2 120mm fans) would easily dissipate 130w. But that figure is not just heat that is how much power the cpu is drawing.

I should warn you that water cooling is not easy and needs to well maintained. You generally need to flush the system and buy new fluid once a year. It is also very costly a very basic system brand new will cost you at least £120.

Water cooling only really has 2 benefits. Makes your pc run cooler so you can overclock it more, and generally is quieter.

But it is also very expensive, high maintenance and takes up a lot of space. You also need to do loads of research. Here is video to start you off. Beginners Guide To Water Cooling Part 1 - YouTube
With my FX-6100 setup overclocked to 4.85Ghz or so on a full load power draw of the CPU is some where around 220 to 230watts (maybe a little more).

The Corsair H100 (2 x 120 fans) I have keep the CPU at about 66 to 67 degrees celsius while the radiator temp is about 35c to 38c or so depending if the fans are full on or not.

Amps can tolerate much larger heat quanity heat than a CPU can.

With the with the H100 setting on low the radiator temps wern't a whole lot higher but the CPU temps went up abit,I would say pushhing 70c to 72c (I don't remember exactly).
This may have also changed the speed of the pump in which makes a big difference.

A CPU doesn't like this but an amp would have no problem with it.

I pushed that CPU to as high as 80c or so and higher, no it wasn't good for it but it is still running great.
You can really feel the heat being pulled off of the CPU in those conditions but the radiator temps never got much above 40c too maybe 42c during those heat heavy testing sessions.

The CPU is still chugging along at 4.75 (downclocked from 4.95Ghz) and maintains 100% Prime 95 stable with nearly 1.6Vcore on it.
The temps as mentioned are kept steady at no more than 66c with that setup.
But you sure can feel the heat under 100% load.

I think that my power supply fan is making the most noise and it get quite loud.
But when it is running at stock or slightly overclocked it is still very very quiet.
It is when I crank up the voltage on the CPU is when the power supply fan takes off and ruins the experience.

I wish I could have excluded the power supply noise during those tests as it didn't do any SPL measurement in justice as you can imagine but I think a worst case was about 45db to 48db.

If the thing was in a closet or something I wouldn't even have noticed it.
The only problem is it needs a fresh supply of cool air flowing around it.

I believe in water cooling for amps very much so and have had the idea of doing it since the late 70's.
Only it hasn't been until now where we have the components available to us to make it feasible!!!

I think you could get as much as 300 to even 400 watts out of a 240 size radiator maybe more but not by much, depending on its parameters.


jer :)

P.S My ambient temps were about 25c to 28c and my case temp were never more than 1c above that.
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