Washing acoustic foams???


2010-03-02 10:19 am
Hi all.
A friend gave me a large box of some acoustic foams, those with tiny pyramids.
The foam's colour is a funky PINK, but most of them are very dirty and some of them are like "compressed", that's because they've been stored for long time in this box.
I was thinking of washing them with some water and vinegar.
Will i damage them? Are acoustic foams somehow washable? Any suggestions?
Someone once told me that even pushing the spikes with fingers is not a good thing...


2010-03-02 10:19 am
Done it!
The dirty ones are still dirty.
My worries were concerned on the "pushing-squeezing" part.
Do you think this was just a stupid affirmation?
That person was sustaining the presence of a superficial treatment over those tiny pyramids.. Is it possible?

forgive my english
pink? Sounds more like some packaging foam. Since you do have a whole box of it, why not try to wash one sample with warm water and some detergent or washing powder?
I have washed foam with the washing machine in the past. But I'm not not shure, if I would do this with foam of questionable quality. It may ruin the poor machine!:eek:


2006-12-28 12:19 am
pink "egg carton" foam is a packing material. the pink color is from an antistatic dye used in the foam. it's not considered conductive, but it does bleed off static charges if you don't mind the odd color, it will still make a good sound dampening material. i have used it to line speaker boxes. it's not really acoustic foam, as it's a closed cell foam, and acoustic foam is open-cell foam. closed cell foam doesn't get damaged when you poke it, but some open cell foams can get damaged.