WARNING alps_japan_potentiometers.lbr


2009-03-08 3:36 am
Warning, if your thinking of using this library then DONT. the RK097 components are completely messed up.

component pin spacings.. wrong
outline... wrong
pin assignment... wrong

i was double checking the components to the spec sheets on my board when i noticed.

Monte McGuire

Paid Member
2013-07-28 2:58 am
Sorry to hear - libraries are the most annoying part of PCB CAD, and it's really important to be able to trust them. I bit the bullet and use only my own libraries. It makes it very slow to get things going, but once you have built most of what you use, then you can get 'real' work done efficiently, only adding a few new parts every so often.

I've been using PCB Library Expert to generate footprints, and it's really pretty nice. It follows the latest IPC recommendations, which is very important for SMD work - the footprint geometry is 'everything'. It runs on Windows 7, so I have to use it on my Mac in VMware Fusion, but that's not a horrible hardship.

I think Eagle has a simpler version available as some sort of add-on now, but I bought the real version a while back and have been very happy with it. A recent board has proven the quality of the footprints, especially all of the gull wing and chip footprints. They look amazingly beautiful when used with a custom cut stencil. DFNs are still a little annoying, but that's not really a footprint problem, but a problem with my reflow system - not quite 100% yet! :-O

Best of luck!