Warm capacitors in power supply

Check my QSXPS power supply

Peranders is playing a little joke on us all.:Pinoc: Not an extreme joke, just a little one. He is quite aware the the large caps are connected by an inch or two of heavy PCB trace (copper is an excellent thermal conductor) to the collector of the pass transistors and that the transistor package is designed
for a low thermal resistance to the collector lead. The 470uF is decoupled thermally by the series resistor and longer PCB trace length from the pass transistor. He is also surely aware that an RC filter limits the peak charging current to the filter caps and puts less stress on them and not more. He is having a bit of Swedish fun with us and teasing us to look at his website. :magnify: An Extremely funny and clever joke Peranders! :headbash:I hope I did not spoil your fun too soon. By the way, did everyone notice that the powe supply PCBs are for sale.:$:


P.S. You are a noty boy.