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Wanted to trade f4 boards for f5

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Heres my dillema guys
i already have a f6 kit on the way so will already have some of that sweet transformer flavour in my house

so i guess i,m looking for somethoing different to add to my stable

i also have a complete set of running aleph 2 boards to trade as well if some one is interested they are built with nichicon caps matched semis and dale resistors

i could be partial to a trade on some pre amp boards as well

cheers Sheafer
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gday all
still have the aleph 2 boards
complete and working ,all good parts used with tec diy matched semis
i will bundle them with 2 x nuvotem potted 500va25/25 trannys
for $300au the lot
these are very good trannys all you will need to have a working aleph 2 is power supplys
they are high bias so you will need conrad 151/350 sinks in mono blocks minimum but the sound is magnificent
the above is setup to run harder speaker loads hence the lower supply voltage/higher bias
i can supply the sinks for extra cost shipping to au only as the trannys are very large and heavy
still will consider swaps
forgot to add sorry 3g the f4,s are gone
Yup. You can even drop the FE jfets and use them in the BA3 FE. The output stage of the Ba is basically same as F4 without FE. PM me if you want details.

Bob, can you please PM me with these details? This is going to be my next build - driven by a hotrod DCB1 in (undertermined) full-range drivers.

My apologies for a case of mistaken ID :eek:

Buzz, I would still appreciate some details on this. I am about to build a BA3 (no feedback) to go with an F4. If there is a way to graft them together and bypass the front end on the F4 boards, I would be very appreciative!

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.