Wanted: Original T/S Journal

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To get the Audio Engineering Society to send you a copy, go to this URL:

Write in "Thiele" in the box for "Author's Last Name"

It is a two part article, so you have to order both parts. Five bucks each. When I ordered some articles ten years ago, they sent me the whole issues the articles were in. If that policy is still in force, you get lots of extra articles that might prove interesting.

I have both articles, but I do not have a scanner. I am in the process of ordering one through mail order. If you want to wait a couple of weeks, I can send it to you.

That is, unless somebody else is nice enough to do so first.
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Journal Of The Audio Engineering Society:

Loudspeakers in Vented Boxes: Part 1 Vol. 19, Number 5 pp. 382 (1971) Author: A. N. Thiele

Loudspeakers in Vented Boxes: Part 2 Vol. 19, Number 6 pp. 471 (1971) Author: A. N. Thiele

Does he really teach at your college? I know you both are from Australia.

I would also point out that Small wrote some important supplementary papers. Hence the phrase, "Thiele-Small parameters".
He's an honorary professor at the College of Architecture of the University of Sydney, after all, he graduated from USyd. He handles a Loudspeaker Design class every Friday afternoon. Actually, I haven't had the chance to meet him. He's pretty busy and I'm pretty busy (yeah right :D ).

The ones I have at hand are the first two of the four-part (yeah I think four) Vented-Box Loudspeaker Systems article by Richard H. Small.
Hello f4ier,
I just received your email, and am now downloading the journals. But please be patient.... My server in the office is currently down, so I am using a dialup connection (VERY slow) to download the journals. I want to send you email personally regarding this, but my web based email is also very slow if connected using dialup modem. I will notify you as soon as I finish the download, so you can delete them from your server.

For Keltics.... f4ier has already scanned the journals for me, but I appreciate your help.

These Journals

...are all available from Old Colony Sound (www.audioXpress.com) -- there are four or five volumes of anthologies from the Audio Engineering Society, and fellow societies, of the most important articles regarding loudspeaker design. Volume I contains the Thiele paper (first published in 1961 I believe.) Volume I has papers from 1953 to 1977. The volumes cost $49 or so.
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