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WANTED in the UK; LCD panel and OHP >> also cheap fresnel for sale

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im new to all this really, ie spent ages playing with my site (www.DIYprojectionTV.tk) which is basiclly the 100" tv plans sold on ebay... but for free...
anyway, i now want to move up a step, and am after a new challenge!

I would like a LCD screen, pref a decent only with video and SVHS input, as my PC is ~~~~ and not worth using for this.

I would also be interested in a OHP of around 3000 to 4000 lum, but only once i get the LCD pannel.

So please if you have one, or know where i can get... please say!
I have nochex, and also paypal if you are abroad (but will need refs )

Also i sell fresnel lenses on my site, usually £5, but for you guys ill sell em at cost to UK buyers, just £2.99 plus 41p for 1st class post.
Use my email button if you are interested... mention this!

Thanks, and I hope this isnt off topic or not allowed etc, if it is, please say and ill delete ASAP!

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